Section 125 plans can save money for your company and employees.

Section 125 premium-only plan (POP) and flexible spending account (FSA), also known as a cafeteria plan, can reduce Federal Taxes for your company, and employees can benefit when combined with a knowledgeable consultant team and payroll experts.

MMA will assist you in the process of implementing proper payroll deductions. Arvelo Accounting and Consulting Group, Inc., our CPA consulting group, is always available for consulting. We can help you communicate and work with your existing payroll company or inform you of other payroll professionals available.  

Many payroll companies and software platforms are set up to handle section 125 of the IRS Code. Like “Quickbooks” and others, ready for the business payroll needs and quickly set up deductions, according to the law. MMA will assist with taking the load off your accounting or HR department. They have partnered with many local payroll companies to bring peace of mind and ensure everything runs smoothly. So relax and approve the details. MMA will do the rest. 

The following are some of the companies we have worked with and software that can effortlessly handle section 125.