MM Agency

Marketing Management Agency

Marketing Management Agency works with industry-leading providers of employee benefits with the name you know and trust, Allstate Benefits.  “Are you in Good Hands” Allstate is working hand by hand with MMA.

Another well know just to mention a few is AFLAC. Blitzed by unexpected medical bills? Aflac’s supplemental insurance can help with expenses health insurance does not cover; Aflac is also behind MMA.

From individuals and families to businesses of every size, we have supplemental insurance solutions that help give you peace of mind.

MMA and its affiliated companies market life insurance products including whole life, universal life, term, group term, final expense, and annuities, just to mention a few are here to protect you, your employees, and their families from financial unexpected happens with supplemental coverage closing gaps leftover by primary medical insurance.

These products are looking to protect our customers from funeral expenses and help protect against financial burdens resulting from the death of a family member. Allow MMA to inform you of the basics so that you can make the right choices when considering life insurance and any other supplemental program for you, your employees, and their loved ones.

Disability insurance, hospitalization, and cancer are solutions to cover medical risks that health insurance does not obscure or only cover with limitations. They can be used as a supplement to traditional health insurance. The cover provides protection against financial shocks that a diagnosis of cancer or other pernicious diseases can cause you and your family.

Insurance Professionals are ready and available to assist you. Our experienced and highly trained licensed Agents will contact you to provide a no-cost consultation and together look at the possibilities that best suits your company needs to retain your employees, as well as their family needs. Remember, it can be done with no out of pocket money from your employees or your company.