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Marketing Management Agency and Associates

Way before Marketing Management Agency and Associates was created, Frank Nieves, our President, and founder were already helping businesses in Florida establish cafeteria plans section 125 of the IRS code). As part of his commitment to small companies, Frank was already consulting them to save money on their payroll taxes and companies to provide benefits to their employees at no cost to either Employee or employer.

Since June 2017, MMA has proved further than wanting to make a difference in business consulting in the US and Puerto Rico. MMA offers uniques approaches on how to implementing taking advantage of these congress federal approved incentives. MMA has unbeatable courage and total commitment from partners to continue operations fighting adversity such as Hurricane Maria (PR in Sept 2017), the PR governor resignation holding companies in the decision making for many weeks, earthquake that had the island terrified for months, now the worst of all, the worldwide pandemic affecting all markets.

Like the Eveready Bunny, it has never stopped operations, offering a unique product (the only company in Puerto Rico) to help businesses save money and creating benefit plans for employees at no cost!

Focuses on what they are best known by, assisting companies in the US and Puerto Rico with many of their business needs, marketing, bottom-line savings utilizing Federal Government Programs, Insurance, and others.

Our Team

Frank Nieves President, CEO & Founder

Frank Nieves, our president, and founder results from 40 years of hard work in business management, Telecommunications Engineering, and the entertainment industry. Served at various boards such as Broward Sheriff Minority Council, Broward World Trade Center, Broward School District SMBE, Broward County Commission SMBE, others such as Memorial Hospital, Broward Community College.

As a Telecom Engineer worked with fortune 500 such as Siemens, Northern Telecom, among others. President and Founder of the Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber Commerce of Broward County, Florida, now established in five counties in Florida. Frank brought the first Hispanic theme boat to the Winter Fest Parade, the 6th largest parade, and the number 1 boat parade in the US.

Winner of: Entrepreneur of the year 1997 and 1999 by the PR Chamber of Commerce of So. FL, Business of the year 1997 by Imagen Latino Americana Hispanic News Paper, Portada Magazine recognition for his contribution to the Hispanic Community empowerment in So. FL, Spirit Award by Seminole Hard Rock Boat Parade, Orgullo Puertorriqueño 2010, Recognition by Salud al Día Magazine for his contribution to the Hispanic Community, Recognition Award by the City of Hollywood, FL, Received Proclamation by Puerto Rico House of Representative and the Puerto Rico Senate, Receive Proclamation by Broward County Commissioner Ben Grabber, Diana Wassermann, and Dales Holness, The honor of throwing the first ball at a National League Baseball game.

In December 2005, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners of Broward County, Florida, designated December 9, 2005, as the Frank Nieves & Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Broward County Appreciation Day.

Mickey Torres, Bachelor’s degree in business administration. Over 35 years of experience in managing in the Puerto Rico logistics industry thru multinational companies such as CF Airfreight, Emery Worldwide, and Crowley, among others. Winner of sales of the year 1993, among others. Responsible for establishing PIB Worldwide with over 9 million in sales.

Alida Arizmendi Business Consultant for Puerto Rico & Central Florida Area
Born in the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico, a fighting woman, who against wind and tide, ended her university career in Theatrical Arts, Projecting, and Management at Columbia University.

She has a career of 42 years in arts, in which she excelled in several facets, as a dramatic actress, comedian, singer, in communications, and then dabbling in politics.

In 2001 she arrived in the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of PR, where she chaired the Commission on Economic Development and Planning, leaving hundreds of projects of her authorship, fourteen of them converted into law, in favor of the Economic Development of Puerto Rico. Environmentally friendly projects, disadvantaged communities, youth jobs, reduced contributions, among so many others.

She has won many awards in different facets and careers. In 2013, she received recognition in the 100 Years of Women in the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico for her distinction and contribution to the economic development of the country.

Kevin Rodriguez – Consultant for the Florida & US Market
Kevin has been exposed all his life to a very successful entrepreneur, his dad. Since young, an interest in business has been excelling and growing over the years. His parents have shown him the needed values he needs to develop to be successful.

Been a Church volunteer and have acquired to become a community leader. Working with the family business has helped him build customer value. He has learned that excellent service must follow the sales to ensure customer relations and retention. He is already experimenting with entrepreneurship on his own, with Family Eats Forex. It is a group of college students and investors spreading knowledge on the benefits of making your money make more money, and how to build a more diverse portfolio and multiple streams of income. In MMA, Kevin, in such a short time, has become vital team leaders in Florida.

Lindsay Pierre- Consultant for the Florida and US Market
Lindsay is an enthusiastic, bilingual mass communications major with a passion for people, opportunity, and learning as a significant component of her being. From a young age, merely seeing entrepreneurs all across South Florida found a way to make a career creatively was enough to inspire her. She quickly became fascinated with business and real estate. Starting in 2017, building her own online store sparked the fire to achieve and maintain massive success while uplifting and impacting others. Coming from a Caribbean home, being attentive and quick on the feet is nothing out of the ordinary for her. A first generational trailblazer determined to break down barriers for the ones coming after; she has always been a priority. Naturally, Lindsay is well aware of the importance of representation in every space and delighted to be apart of the team.

Nicolas Lozada – Consultant – Florida/US
Javier Nieves – Consultant – PR
Our Advisor Team
Alfredo J. Lopez – Attorney & CPA 

Guillermo Somoza – Attorney 
Jorge Arvelo – CPA