Saving and still provide benefits to employees.


Learn how to save money while offering additional benefits at no cost to the business or employees.

We can show you how simple it is. Our guidance will lead you through the process, and your HR team will typically only need to dedicate an hour per week.

Businesses in Puerto Rico and Florida now have access to a solution that can assist them in saving money and providing additional cash for spending as needed, without the requirement of repayment.

Businesses in Puerto Rico are facing a difficult period characterized by escalating prices. The cost of electricity, gas, products, and transportation has soared, with no apparent resolution on the horizon.

Despite the efforts of numerous companies to explore alternatives, relocating from the island has proven exceedingly challenging and frequently results in catastrophic outcomes. 

MMA offers expert guidance and simple solutions to common problems, using Federal incentives instead of loans. The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything back.




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